Act IV Scene Summaries

Act IV scene i - Paris tells the Friar that he is marrying Juliet tomorrow.  Juliet arrives and banters with Paris.  When Paris leaves, Juliet tells the Friar she will kill herself if he can't help her.  The Friar devises a plan for Juliet to drink a sleeping potion, be put in the family's vault and wait for Romeo to come get her.

Act IV scene ii - Juliet pretends to apologize to her father, and she tells him she will happily marry Paris in the morning.  everyone (except Juliet) is happy again.

Act IV scene iii - Juliet takes the sleeping potion even though it terrifies her do so.

Act IV scene iv - The Capulets are pexcitedly reparing the the wedding.

Act IV scene v - the Capulets find Juliet's "dead" body in her bed.  They move from a wedding to a funeral, and put her in her family's sepulcher -morgue.

Act V scene i - Romeo's friend, Balthasar tells Romeo that Juliet is dead -- he saw the funeral!  Romeo goes to an Apothecary (pharmicist) to get poison, and goes back to Verona to "lay with Juliet this night" - kill himself!

Act V scene ii - Friar Lawrence asks his friend Friar John if he gave Romeo his letter - Friar John says no; Friar Lawrence freaks out, and goes to Juliet's tomb so she is not alone when she wakes up!