Anthem Timed Essay Prompts

Anthem Timed Essay Quiz

Directions:  Choose one of the following prompts and write an essay being sure to respond thoroughly using ample textual evidence. Remember the 25-50-25 rule.   Keep in mind the writing rubric (AEOL) as you write.  When you are finished, score yourself at the top of your paper using AEOL.

1.  Ayn Rand's philosophy is seen throughout the novel, Anthem.  Explain specific examples from the novel that support her philosophy.  Analyze these examples.  Does she “prove’ to you that her philosophy is sound?

2.  Rand using both situational and verbal irony throughout her work.  How does she use irony in Anthem?  Give specific examples from the novel and analyze whether these examples promote her philosophy accurately.


3.  The Giver and Anthem have a common theme.  State the common theme and how each novel approaches it.  Which novel supports the common theme better?  How?