English 9CP Homework - Monday, October 19, 2009

Directions:  Write five sentences using 10 new words.  

                                           example:  1.       .Parents do not like rebellious teenagers because of their many transgressions.

Word                       Definition

1.rebellious                 disobedient, defiant                  2._______________________________________________.

2.pernicious               evil, harmful                              3. ______________________________________________.

3.adversary                 an enemy                                4._______________________________________________.

4.augment                  to add to, to boost                     5. ______________________________________________.

5.portentous                important, fateful

6.transgression         sin, wrong doing

7.marred                   flawed, spoiled

8.languish                 to suffer, get weaker

9.disposition              temperament, outlook

10.extremity               limit, boundary

11. solemnity             seriousness