Elizabethan Letter Example

Salutations Elizabeth,

        What a few months I had coz! A great Jack I met. The most wonderful, handsome Jack I’ve ever laid eyes upon. Twas Accession Day and I was dressed in all my best wardrobe, like all good maids, to go to an extravagant ball. I had asked my mother repeatedly to prithee allow me some spare ducats for a new gown. I made myself decent and was escorted to the festivities by my brother,Nicholas. 

        As we made our way inside and parted with my brother, whom met his fair maid there, I tripped and almost landed on a waiter carrying a silver trencher and would hast broken my neck if not for a kind Jack. He caught me around the waist and said “ Hence be careful my maid, as I would not want you to be scathed by anything.” I looked up to see a beautiful face staring back. “Thank you my kind fellow, for I would not want to be scathed”, I said. He said good den and introduced himself as Edward Calgary. Before I continue, I would like to tell you to hark closely and that I would ne’er do this usually. But Zounds, was this man handsome and charming in every way! For the rest of the evening we danced and talked. I then told my brother of this fine fellow. “Calgary….”, is all that passed through his lips at first glance. “You are not allowed to see this man, tis his family that we carry an ancient feud with!” I was shocked and almost went mad with teen. “Wherefore!”,I tried to scream, but I barely made a sound. I then went back to Edward at the party and told him that we could only meet in secrecy.

        For the next month we met in the meadow. We would hide from our envious families. We would laugh and then soft each other while we looked at the starry, night sky and watch the sunset. I swear by by God, Elizabeth, that he sparkles in the sunlight. He is like no other man I hast met. Edward is handsome, and kind. He shines from the inside, out. About a month later, we ran to the meadow laughing and then he got down on one knee and said,”Thy’s truly would be overjoyed if you would become mine, and mines only, maid, for there art no other that I would want. I hast asked thy  father and he agreed. But, if thy heart is not for me, I will bout until it is and live through many teenful days, months, or even years!” I tried very sadly to say yes, Elizabeth, and maintain a formal posture and response, but I was so overjoyed! I slung my arms around him and said yes! I will keep you updated on the wedding plans, Elizabeth. I hope to see you soon my dear cousin!


        Fare thee well,

         Amanda Smith