Figurative Language

Term                        Definition                  Example         
1. Alliteration             The repetition of a                         Mary makes muffins
                                 consonant sound                             on Mondays.

2. Assonance             The repetition of a vowel                The cat in the hat
                                  (a,e,I,o,u) sound.                             sat at the mat.

3. hyperbole               a
n exaggeration                             I’m so hungry, I 
                                                                                                                                                could eat a horse!

4. Metaphor                                     A comparison of two                                                    She's an angel!
                              very different things
5. Onomatopoeia                             Sound words                                                                 Splash; buzz; pop

6. Oxymoron       2 opposite words together                   
Bitter sweet; jumbo shrimp; 
                                                                                                                                               polite argument, silent thunder

7. Personification              Giving things human qualities                                            T
he wind whispered  my name.

8. Pun               A play on a homonym                           What’s black and white and
                        (multi-meaning word)                           
 “red” “read”   allover?  A   


9.Simile                            A comparison using the         She’s like the wind 
                                        words “like” or “as”             
in my dreams.

10. Understatement          Not giving enough emotion.                                           After being shot, the 
                                                                                                                                        man says, “that stung a little…”