Sentence Types Definitions and Examples


1.         Simple sentence: 
              Exa:  Romeo never thought about other people.

2.        Compound sentence: (Hint: use a fanboys)
              Example:  Romeo never thought he could love again, but Juliet  
                                proved him wrong!

3.        Complex sentence: (Hint: use because, if, when, since, or while)
              Example:  While Mercutio made fun of Romeo’s love forRosaline,
                                Romeo was sneaking in Juliet’s window!

4.        Compound/complexe sentence: (Hint:  use a fanboy AND because, if, 
            when, since, etc.

             Example:  Because Juliet is so young, she doesn’t make the wisest
                             choices, for she lacks any experience in the 
game of love!