August 17, 2009  

Dear Students,


Let me introduce myself.  Now, of course I had to write a letter so that you 20 could read it; this is an English class after all.  I graduated from U.C. Berkeley in 1990 with a Bachelor’s Degree in English, and I then received my Multiple Subject Credential from CSUS, Sacramento, in 1992.  I am currently completing my course work for my Master’s Degree in Education as well as my Reading Resource Credential.  Obviously, I have a passion for education and feel that it is valuable and important for EVERY human being.  I am not all about work though.  I am also passionate about chocolate, my two Weinmaraner “puppies”, and running. In fact, I just completed my first marathon (26.2 miles!) last year!      Mostly, though, I am completely in love with my five year old daughter, Emma.    Enough about me.


Now, for the academic stuff.  This class should enable you to become a strategic reader, more polished writer and a proficient public speaker.  We will be reading and responding to a myriad of pieces to accomplish these goals.  We will be practicing for the District End Of Course exams, the California Exit Exam, and the District Speech Proficiency so that you will be able to graduate from this school and attend the college of YOUR choosing.  Of course, I can teach nothing without your motivation to learn.  This brings me to my expectations for this class.


You see, I have many.  I expect to spend many hours preparing interesting as well as educational lessons.  I also expect to spend many hours assessing your growth as a strategic reader, polished writer, and proficient speaker.  I don’t just have high expectations for myself however.  I expect you to do your part.  Without your best personal effort, NO LEARNIING will be accomplished.


But enough preaching.  I know together we will achieve greatness this year!  I am so excited to commence upon this journey.  So without further ado, Let us begin!


Best regards,

Ms. Kahrs Emigh