Term One Timed Essay Exam

Session One Final Exam: Timed Essay    

Writing Situation:  It is the end of the term, and your teacher wants to see how well you have learned the content of the class as well as elevated writing techniques.  You will choose ONE of the following prompts and respond thoroughly with ample evidence and analysis.  Be sure to include a comprehensive thesis. 


Writing Directions:  Choose one of the following and respond in essay format.

1.       Identify a common theme among at least three of the works we have read this session.  Use specific evidence from each piece to support your choice of common theme.  Discuss how your evidence is connected to your choice of common theme.  Which piece supports the common theme best?  How?


2.       “Coming of Age” is a common motif in literature.  Explain how three of the young protagonists from pieces we have read this session move from innocence to maturity.  Which piece illustrates the “Coming of Age” motif best?  How?


3.       Much of modern literature alludes to The Odyssey.  Discuss how at least three works we’ve read this term allude to components from The Odyssey.  How are these allusions used?  How are they modified from Homer’s original intention and why?