Outside Reading Book (ORB) Information and List

Outside Reading Requirement: 500 pages per Term Biotech Honors English 9--Kahrs Emigh
  In addition to daily assignments each student will spend at least 80 minutes per week reading during the evenings and weekends.  This time, combined with SSR time in class, will result in a student’s increased vocabulary, fluency, and knowledge of grammar.  

Outside Reading Requirements per TERM

Term One/Three students must read:
        1.  One book related to Anthem;
        2.  One book related to The Odyssey
        3.  One Quality YA novel

Term Two/Four students must read:
        1.  One book related to Romeo and Juliet;
        2.  Two Quality YA novels
Assessment:  Students will complete two quizzes throughout the term.  Additionally, students will, from time to time, write responses to their outside reading books.

             Term One/Three ORB Choices           
Term Two/Four ORB Choices

Odyssey                                          Quality YA Books              Romeo and Juliet  

1984                                            A Thousand Splended Suns                        A Long Way Home                     Midwife's Apprentice
After                                          Autobiography of a Face                          Angela's Ashes                           Blue Avenger Cracks…
Being                                         Daughter of Fortune                                 Cut                                            Butterfly Lovers 
Brave New World                        Dracula                                                     Book Thief,                              The Children of the River
Candor                                        EllenFoster                            Homeboyz                                 Crispin        
Catching Fire                             
Frankenstein                                          Destroy All Cars                        Flipped

Double Helix                            Kindred                                                   Looking for Alaska                     Hawksong 
Ender's Gam                             Goddess of Yesterday                               Memory Keeper's…                     Katherine Called Birdy
Gulliver's Travels                     Elsewhere                                               Midwives                                    King of Shadows
Ender's Puppet                    Inside the Walls of Troy               Nineteen Minutes                       Kissing Kate
Ender'shadow                         Ithaka                                 Impossible                  Letters to Juliet

Fahrenheit 451              March                                
Perks of Being a Wallflower        Loving Will Shakespeare
                                Middlesex                                                Secret Life of Bees                   Other Bolyen Girl, the
Genesis Alpha              Nightsong                             Sister of My Heart                      Romeo and Juliet Together...   
House of the Scorpion          Nobody's Princess                                         Sold                                        Romeo's Ex: Rosalines' Story   
Little Brother                        Nobody's Prize                                             My Sister's Keeper                    Romiette and Julio 
The Declaration                  Oh My Gods                                                     Night                                       Saving Juliet
The Fountainhead             The Curious Incident…                                  Thaw                                        Scribbler of Dreams  
The Hunger Games             The Lovely bones                                           The Glass Castle                         Shakespeare's Scribe 
The Resistance                  Sirena                                                           The Kite Runner                        Shakespeare's Secret
The Road
                the Color Purple                                           The Christopher Killer                Shakespeare's Spy
Unwind                  The Tenth Circle                                            
Papertowns                               Son of the Mob   
                                           Troy                                                           The Curious Incident…               Swan Town: The Secret...
                                          Waiting for Odysseus:                                  :Prayers for Bobby                    The Playmaker
                                        The God BoxT                                               The Poinsonwood Bible              The Tempest         
                                        They Cage the Animals…                               The Red Tent
                                         Water For Elephants                                     Impossible
The Life of Pi                                              Things Not Seen
                        Papertowns                              Winter Girls
                                                                                                           Wild Roses
                                                                                                           Looking for Alaska
                                                                                                          Things Not Seen


*Note to parents – these books have been chosen for literary merit.  If you have concerns about the content of any of the books, it is your responsibility to monitor your child’s choices.  If you have questions regarding any of the books, please email me at lkahrs@egusd.net.  


Titles with an asterisk are not technically considered classic texts, but they do relate directly to the Core Literature read Term 1/3.

  +Titles with a + are not technically considered classic texts, but the do relate directly to the Core Literature read Term 2/4.