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Teacher's Message - August 16, 2010

  Welcome 2010 - 2011 English Honors   
        Biotech Honors and Biotech 9   
                    CP Students!

Welcome to Sheldon High School! 

This website along with school loop found at will help you immensely this term!  Please use both daily!

Email me at if you have any questions.


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Website Statement:
 Herein you will find a number of resources to help you succeed this year in your English class.   At the top of this website, you will find several pages to help you.  WHENEVER you or your parents have ANY questions or concerns, please email me at  I hope this website proves invaluable to you and your parents throughout the terms you are in my class.                              
Teacher's Message - August 9, 2010

  Welcome 2010 - 2011 English Honors  
        and Biotech Honors Students!

   Summer is almost over; here's a To-Do List for you:

1.  Make sure your
summer essay is completed, proofread and edited.  The essay MUST be turned in on Monday, August 16th into the box in front of the English Office.  NO LATE Essays will be accepted.  This applies to ALL honors students, both fall and spring term!

2.  Review Mythology and Raisin in the Sun; the test is on Monday, August 16th during class.  For students who have English in the Spring, they may take the test after school on Monday, August 16th in room R-9, or wait until class starts in the Spring (I HIGHLY recommend taking the test on Monday!).  The test will last approximately 30 minutes.  Students will need to arrange their own transportation home.

3.  Review the
novels you read over the summer.  Focus on the basic literary elements of theme, character, plot and setting.  You will have a short quiz on these books during the first week of school.

4.  There will be NO LATE FEES if you return your Mythology and Raisin in the Sun books to the library on Monday, August 16th.  

5.  Register for school loop at

6.  Pass along this information to your honors friends who may not have this website information.

7.  Email me at if you have any questions.

 I look forward to meeting you next week!