Research Essay Final Draft Checklist

§   Format:

o   Header = last name + page number on right top of each page

o   Double space EVERYTHING

o   Times new Roman font for EVERYTHING

o   12 size font for EVERYTHING

o   Must be OVER 900 words!!!

o   NO Contractions!

o   NO “I” “me” “mine, “YOU”, “your”


§  Works Cited:

o   Title it:  Works Cited

o   It must be last page of essay

o   Double Spaced, times new roman, 12 size font EVERYTHING

o   Every source MUST be cited in the essay!


§  Essay:

o   Intro –

§  Interesting hook

§  Bridge sentence

§  Clear thesis

§  Very few “to be” verbs

o   Body –

§  Topic sentence must refer to thesis statement – use similar wording

§  2 citations from DIFFERENT SOURCES in each paragraph

§  End every body paragraph with your analysis + transition to next paragraph

o   Conclustion

§  Sum up key points

§  Call Reader to Action – Ask him/her to change a behavior

§  Put a word count at the bottom of the last page of your ESSAY

§  Put a readability at the bottom of the last page of your Essay


§  Hints for an “A

o   Have a persuasive thesis and analysis

o   Balance parenthetical references (i.e. direct quotations, paraphrases, embedded)

o   Balance use of sources (don’t rely on one or two and only use the rest one time each!)

o   You  must have at least 6 different types of sources

o   Use the rubric as your guide!