Research Plan Sample

Laura Student
Ms. Kahrs Emigh
English 9 Honors
3 April 2006

1. What is the subject of your topic? 
Animal Rights:  Why We Should NOT Declaw Our House Cats

 1a.  Why did you choose this topic?
This topic is very important to me.  I have an eleven year old cat that I just adore.  She was a wedding gift.  My husband adores her as well though he would never admit to it.  Well, we have finally gotten new bedroom furniture including a plush scarlet bench that sits at the end of our bed.  My lovely cat, “Kitty” enjoys scratching the ends of this cloth covered seat every time she jumps on the bed.  Ever since the purchase, my husband and I have been heatedly debating whether she should be declawed or not.  My stance is clear: it is animal cruelty.  I need some solid research to support my case; thus, I have chosen this topic.  This is a timely topic for all cat lovers and haters, but more importantly for me personally.

2. Give a brief description of your topic.  Use complete sentences, but only write 3-4 sentences.
Whether or not to declaw a cat should not be a personal preference.  There are some who believe they have the right to maim their cats AND to endanger them by taking away the cat's only defenses.  Those people are wrong.  Declawing cats is painful and dangerous.


3. Phrase your research topic as a question.  This is tricky: your question must be broad enough to cover a topic about which you will write a 900 word paper, but must be specific enough to focus your research.


    Topic Question: Why do some people declaw their pets and should it be considered animal cruelty?

4. What search words would you use on the Internet or in a library book search to find information about your topic?  

                      a.  Declawing Cats
                      b.  Cat Care
                      c.  Pet abuse
                      d.  PETA
                      e.  Inhumane pet practices


5. How much information do you expect to find in the library?  Why?

     If I use the internet at the library, I expect to find a TON of information.  I don't know if the SHS library has too many books on pet care, so I'm not sure I will find too many books on the subject.


6. What documents besides books or websites might give you more information about your topic?

   1.      PETA Website

   2.      American Association of Veterinarians Website

   3.      My veterinarian (Mueller’s Pet Hospital)

   4.      Various Books (e.g. Cats for Dummies, etc)

5.      Pamphlets from various vets around the Pocket Area