Research timeline -

Research Timeline: English  - Spring 2010-  

 ____    Monday, April 12th*               Choose Topic & Write Plan

____    Wednesay, April 14th*           Revise Plan

____    Thursday, April 15th*            Journal #1 Due at the END of the period

 ____    Tuesday, April 20th*              2nd and  3rd Journals Due - at 
                                                         the end of the class period

____    Thursday, April 22nd*             4th and 5th Journals Due  - at 
                                                         the end of the class period

____    Monday, May 3rd*              Outline; introduction; 1st 
                                                          body paragraph due - at 
                                                         the end of the class period

 ____    Tuesday, May 4th*           1st Draft of Essay w/ Works 
                                                          Cited Page due: 
I MUST turn 
                                                          this in, or  I
 can’t turn in 
                                                          final draft!

 ____   Monday, May 17th                     
      Final Draft of Essay Due at
                                               THE CLASS PERIOD!

                                                        ( i.e. essay, works cited, 
                                                           title page, self 
letter,notes  ,                                                        journals and photocopies)


____    Monday, May 17th                In-class Self Evaluation Letter


____    Tuesday May, 18th         Oral Presentation Due