R&J Act II and III Words

1.  forsaken                                   abandoned
2.  conjure                                     to call up, to summon
3.  lamentable                               sad, regrettable, hopeless
4.  devise                                        to plan, invent, create
5.  loathsome                                disgusting, nasty, hateful
6.  incorporate                              to add in, to include
7.  vile                                          
evil, foul, despicable,
8.  submission                              obedience, surrender, giving in
9.  slander                                   to insult, to malign 10. effeminate                            feminine
11.dexterity                               skillfulness, cleverness
12.   lamentation                      weeping, crying
13.  calamity                             disaster, tragedy
14. predicament                      dilemna, a "mess"
15.  digress                              to stray, wander, go off the point 16. perjury                                   lying under oath, false swearing 17. impulsive                          hasty, without thought, reckless 18. monologue                            
a long speech told by one with
                                               others listening

19.   aside                             when a character talks to the audience 20.  dramatic irony            
when the audience knows what the
                                                 characters don't