SOAPS Explanation

 Subject - what is the specific topic of this text?

 Occasion - what is the time and place of the piece?

 Audience - who was the INTENDED audience

    for this piece?

 Purpose - Why did the author write this piece?


 Speaker – WHO is the speaker & what is the tone of the person telling this story?


– “A Closer Look – No Female Actors and No R-Rated Love Scenes” describes how boys played the female roles in Shakespeare’s plays, so physical contact was not used.


Occasion – “A Closer Look” was written in 2003 in 9th grade English Anthology entitled Holt Literature and Language Arts.


Audience – The intended audience for “A Closer Look” is North American and British 9th grade students studying Romeo and Juliet.


Purpose – The purpose of “Background” is to teach 9th graders about who actually was allowed to act during Shakespeare’s day


Speaker – The speaker of “A Closer Look” uses an informative, expert tone to instruct.  The author is unknown, but is used in the HOLT literature anthology, so he/she must be knowledgeable about the topic.