SSR Book Final Exam Term 1

1.      Write a ½ page summary for your novel.


2.      Write a 5 question test for your book.  Be sure to include questions from the middle and end of your book.  Use questions that need “real sentence” responses (Level II – "Why" questions). Make a key for your test.
         Example:  Why does Walter want to buy a liquor store?

3.      Create a Works Cited Page ( use ALL the books you’ve read this termAdd the page numbers at the end of each citation example: 
                                                                          Works Cited
McCourt, Frank. Angela's ashes a memoir. New York: Scribner, 1996. Print. 250/363 pps

  *You can find the ISBN numbers to plug into easybib for all of your books if you
      search your book at
   1.  Type into browser
   2.  Type in the title of your book in the Amazon search bar.  
   3.  Click the GO box
   3.  Click on the book title. 
   4.  Scroll down to the words product details.  The ISBN numbers will be listed there 



            *Remember to email me your test at                    

*Save your SSR final as last name first name SSR final

– example: sorrentino mandi SSR Final.doc