Act IV word study words

1.  inundation   -- I had an inundation of homework last night; every class gave it!
2.  pensive --Wise people are pensive about all aspects of their lives.
3.  resolution
--We tried to have a civil resolution to the argument.
4.  immoderately --Most teenagers talk on their cell phones immoderately!
5.  provisions --When you go camping you must bring provisions like food and water 
 6.  solace --I find solace in my family; they always comfort me. 
7.  beguile -- The beautiful girl beguiles everyone who meets her.
8.  amend -- We had to amend the recipe because it called for too much salt.
9.  unaccustomed --  I am unaccustomed to great wealth, though I would like to be
                                    accustomed to it!

10.   aloof -- The popular kids are always aloof to the less popular ones.
11. detestable--To many people the death penalty is destesable, evil. 
12.  peruse --If you peruse your notes, you will do well on the test.
13.  sunder -- He tore the paper asunder because it said mean things about him. 
14.abhorred --The abhorred step mother in fairy tales get what's coming to her.
15. tedious -- This class can be so tedious sometimes;  I'm bored right now!