Word Study words from Research Project Topic

Word                         Definition
lethal               deadly
2. refer                      to check
terminal           not curable
4. sedation            sleeping medicine
5. sustain              to keep going, continue
6. hasten              to speed up, to hurry
7. repsiration         the act of breathing
8. dosage              amount of medicine
9. ethical               moral, fair, right
10. palliative          soothing, painkilling
11.  covertly           secretively
12. autonomy        independence
13. liberty             freedom
14. Sanctity           holiness, purity
15. integrity          honor, honesty, truthfullness 16. fallibility          imperfections, weakness
17. justifiable        reasconable, acceptable,
18. inevitable        expected, predictable
19. agonize           to worry, to struggle with, to dwell on 20. verfiy              to confirm, to prove, to make sure