Body Paragraph Example

Body Paragraph Parts:

Topic Sentence
- main idea of paragraph; must be a part of your thesis

- must be information from one of your sources

Your analysis
- must be your opinion about the quote and support the
                         main idea of your thesis

Transition Sentence
- must summarize your paragraph AND move into
                                    the next paragraph's topic sentence.


Single sex classrooms are a better way to learn because it’s better for teachers, and students and the community.


 Body Paragraph:
Topic Sentence: Single sex classrooms are better for teachers.  Detail/Quote #1: “Single sex classrooms can make it easier for teachers to match their instructional style to the behavioral characteristics of the students” (Kirschenbaum).  Your analysis:This is important because if the teachers can match their teaching to their kids, the kids will learn better.  It’s also important because it makes the teachers job easier because the teacher can keep the attention of his/her students better. Detail/Quote #2:This is “the simplest ‘innovation’ available to improve achievement, particularly in math and science” (Kirschenbaum).  Your analysis:This is important because math and science are important subjects in school, and those teachers need to be able to teach the students in front of them in the best possible way.  Single sex classrooms may just prove to be that.  Transition sentence: It is clear that single sex classrooms can help teachers, but they can help students even more.


Next Topic Sentence: Single sex classrooms are better for students.