Research Project - Spring 2010

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Research timeline

2.  Research Plan template/sample

3.  Research Journal template/sample

4.  Research Rubrc (scoring guide)

Works Cited Websites

6. Writing the Essay:
     a.  Writing Introduction
     b.  Body Paragraphs
     c.  Writing Conclusions
     d.  Final Draft Checklist
     e.  Final Draft Student Model

Description of Project:

To gather information from primary and/or secondary sources
To practice and improve oral presentation skills
To work independently
To acquire and practice skills for future reference and the Senior Project
Description of Project     Look to the Research timeline to see due dates. The English 9 Research Project is designed to allow you to investigate a real-world topic that is of interest to you.  Topics are limited to those on the included list.  The topic you select should be one that will lead you to new discoveries and insights.  Your grade will be comprised of journal worksheets, outlines, drafts of your essay report, drafts of your Works Cited page, a final draft of your essay, and an oral presentation.  All the components of the project will be worth approximately 300 points.

 Journal Worksheets      Look to the Research Journals Template page to see format.  Look to the Research Journal Sample to see an example.  In order to complete your English 9 Research Project, you will need to do some research.  You will need to choose at least four resources from the possibilities below.  You must choose 3-6 DIFFERENT types of sources.  For example, you might choose (1) your textbook, (2) a specialized encyclopedia, (3) an Internet source, and (4) a DVD.  You will be responsible for completing 6 journal worksheets on these sources.  If you have only the minimum number of sources (4), your final draft will receive no higher than a grade of “C.”  The highest grade you might receive for having 4-5 sources will be a “B.”  You must have 6 or more sources in order to possibly receive an “A” on your final draft of your essay.

Possible sources for information:

·         Your textbook
·         General encyclopedias (in print, on-line, or CD Rom)
·         Specialized encyclopedias
·         Books specifically about or related to your topic
·         Internet resources
·         Articles from journals, magazines, or newspapers
·         DVD or video resources
·         Primary Sources: interviews (phone, email, etc)
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Completed Written Project Components - Please See the Research Rubric
Research Plan (20 pts.)
Six completed journal worksheets (15 pts. each = 60 pts., possible extra credit for two more @ 15 pts. each)
First draft of report (50 pts.) AND determines your final grade too!
Outline of oral presentation (20 pts.)
Final draft of report, including Works Cited page (12% of session grade: 2nd session)
Your final draft must be between 900-1200 words in length, be typed and double-spaced, use 12 pt. Times New Roman font, have pages with 1” margins (top/bottom and left/right), include correct headings and pagination, and include a correct MLA style parenthetical references and a Works Cited page.

Oral Presentation (100 pts.)

*Presentation of information (what you learned about your topic, what conclusions you came to)
 *Presentation skills (eye contact, speaking that is clearly understood and easily heard, appropriate language, appropriate gestures, enthusiasm,  appropriate dress)
 *Audio and/or visual aid: Power Point Presentation, video clip, poster, illustration, costume, music, food, or something else that makes your presentation meaningful and  memorable!~