Phrase Notes

Prepositional phrases :
def:  a preposition + a noun/personal pronoun

in 1929

b.           of galaxies
c.              outside the Milky Way


   Infinitive = “to” + a verb.

a.            to love,

b.           to worship

Infinitive phrases = “to + verb” + more words.

a.            To dance gracefully

b.           To join the team


Gerund = verb acting like a noun   

a.            Running is my favorite.


Gerund phrase = a phrase that starts with a gerund.

a.      Running at the American River is my favorite!

b.     Hiking in the mountains is an awesome activity.

c.        I don’t enjoy hiking in the woods.


Participle = a verb acts like an adjective.

a.            Running water

b.           Running woman

c.              The hiking grounds were beautiful.

Appositive – just renames a noun


Christina, my favorite student, now sits in the front.


Jackie, my nemesis, sits far away from me.