Sentence Parts Notes


A sentence must have only 2 parts:

   a.  a subjectwho or what is doing the action.
  b.  a predicate/verb – the action


 1.  This sucks!

 2. (You) Stop!

 3.  Michael and Susan are shopping at the mall right now.

4.  The ferris wheel trampled the pedestrians below.


Objects – all of the other nouns and objective personal pronouns (me, you, him, her, us, them)  in the sentence.

1. My mom is at the mall right now to get him a present.

How many types of objects are there?  There are 3:


Direct – who or what is receiving the action

1.        Mark gave me the baseball.

2.        I sent Mandi some candi.

3.        The king made me a present.



Indirect – they answer the questions:  to or for whom?

1.        Mark gave me the baseball



Object of Preposition = noun following the preposition


   In the refridgerator

  On the floor

What is a Predicate Nomintive?

A Predicate Nominativeis a WEIRD noun that follows a “to be” verb (am, are, is, was, were, be, being, been)

1.        It is I!

2.        She was a dog!

3.        They are all liars!

4.        Write your own here…


 How to find the sentence parts:

1.        To find the SUBJECT, look for the action.

2.        To find the Predicate Nominative, check to see if the noun directly follows a “to be” verb.


3.        To find the objects, look for all the nouns, personal pronouns NOT doing the action.


After school, we all had to eat our lunch and run back to our classes.
         o.p.     s.        v.        v.         d.o.          v                        o.p.